Top Tips for Picking The Best Moving Company

Posted by RobustMove on Aug 2, 2019, 9:53:20 AM

Decided you need a moving company for your next move? You’re not alone — many people make this choice. That means you have many moving companies to choose from.

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While it’s great you’ve got that breadth of options, narrowing it down can be a hassle. And after all, a moving company is supposed to reduce your hassle. Here’s our list of top tips for picking the best moving company.

Do They Talk About How They Pack?

Anyone can load stuff in the back of a truck. When you’re paying someone to do it for you, you should expect a higher level of attention to detail and the equipment and experience to do it well.

Check the moving company’s website for photos of their moves. Does it look like they’re stacking things neatly and safely, or is everything a haphazard mess? Because when that mess hits a bump in the road, the last thing you want is a bed frame crashing down on an antique mirror. Go with a mover who knows how to pack.

Can They Handle Your Fragile Items?

Moving supplies are not one-size-fits-all deal. Some items require special care because they’re particularly fragile. On top of being able to pack your regular items safely, you’ll want to know that they’ll take the extra steps to keep all your particularly fragile items, like ceramics and glassware — especially if some of them are irreplaceable. The last thing you want is to get moved in and discover irreparable damage.

Do They Have Insurance?

One of the most important things you want in a good moving company is the peace of mind of knowing your belongings are safe. Even when everything is packed according to best practices, you never know when something just goes wrong anyway.

When you’re moving yourself, you’re probably on the hook for that accident. One of the benefits a mover can and should bestow upon your move is the luxury of knowing that accidents are covered. Ensure your mover has insurance.

Check the Reviews

Whether Yelp, Google, or somewhere else, reviews offer deep insight into how a moving company actually operates. Where their website might be clean, flashy, and comprehensive, it’s all-too-common to hop onto a review platform only to find that when the moves actually happen, the people they have on the ground don’t live up to the standard the website set.

It’s not like you can just redo a move or buy a new one. A move is something you’re only going to do once in a long while. You can’t afford to risk poor service. Stick with companies with average reviews in the 4-5 range.

These Are Our Own Standards at Robust Move

Still wondering where to look? We’d just like to many a note that these points are standards we use to measure our own quality. We’re insured, we pack well, take extra care with your fragile items, and our efforts are reflected by a very high review rating!

If you’d like to move with a company that truly makes it its mission to get you moved and settled quickly, securely, and without the headaches, get your quote today!

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