How to (Actually) Find an Affordable Vancouver Mover

Posted by RobustMove on Jul 16, 2019, 9:07:00 AM

Thinking about hiring a moving company for your Vancouver move? The good news is you have plenty of options.

But the bad news is also that you have plenty of options.

How do you evaluate how well a moving company will suit your needs when moving is such a complicated process, unique each time, and generally something you don’t do often enough to have a working knowledge of who’s worth your time?

Moving in Vancouver

Do They Actually Go Where You Need Them To?

You can strike some companies off the list immediately simply because they don’t go where you need them too. The Vancouver area is enormous when you include all the surrounding towns, and if you’re moving away from or closer to the core, you’ll want to double-check your moving companies are actually going there.

Are They Going to Just Throw Your Stuff in The Truck — Or Pack it Safely?

One of the biggest reasons to go with a moving company over doing it yourself is the promise of professional movers knowing how to pack your furniture and boxes securely and avoiding damage.

So, check out their website. Do they talk about that? Do they have photos up that show that they take this part of their role seriously? Don’t take any chances on this point.

How Is the Moving Company’s Reviews?

As with many services, Google and Yelp reviews are a treasure trove of valuable information that other customers of the companies have left to make your life easier.

As you browse the reviews, do you spot any trends? There’s always going to be a one-off dissenter, but on the whole, are people having good experiences? Are you reading horror stories of grandma’s antique lamp getting smashed by inattentive movers? Or are people praising the service?

If you see a high average score and a decent review count, chances are, this company’s worth your time.

We’ll Make It Easy For You: Choose Robust Move

Okay, yeah, we might be a little biased here, but at Robust Move, we take moving seriously and would love to be your Vancouver mover of choice. We serve all surrounding communities — White Rock, Burnaby, Abbotsford, and many more. We know how to pack your stuff safely and securely.

And our hard work’s made many customers happy enough to leave very positive reviews.

Sound good? Get yourself a free quote here and let’s get you moving!

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