How Do You Pack for a Vancouver Move

Posted by RobustMove on Jun 18, 2019, 9:53:00 AM

Moving time? Once you’ve set the date, the next step is packing. Too many people find themselves in a moving day mess because they didn’t take the time beforehand to pack efficiently. Let’s talk about how to actually do it well.

Packing in Vancouver

Moving Shortcuts to Avoid

When many people think about moving, the one thing that comes to mind is a hodgepodge collection of cardboard boxes they already have or can easily acquire for free.

When it comes to packing dinnerware, newspaper is a quick way of decreasing the chance of scratches and shattering. That’s fine.

But it does pay to get good boxes. When you’re piling your possessions into whatever you happened to find, you risk loading up a box only to find the bottom falling out the second you pick it up. The cost of buying boxes designed for moving may seem like an unnecessary expense, but the benefit is you get a consistent collection of strong boxes you can rely on — and that you can stack evenly in the truck.

Tape and Label Your Boxes for Extreme Efficiency

Buy some packing tape. Go a step further and get a tape dispenser with a good grip. Secure your boxes to make the move easier.

As you pack each room and each box, take the second to label the boxes — with actual sticky labels. Yes, you can draw directly on the box, but a white label placed in the same location on each box instantly tells the person who’s walking it into a house where it’s going. Black marker on brown cardboard will do if nothing else, but it’s not very readable.

Are You Ready for the Vancouver Weather?

Depending on the Vancouver weather on your move date, you could be looking at a sunny day, rain, or snow. This might not matter much for your boxes, but if you’ve got sensitive things to move, like artwork or electronics too large to pack, the last thing you want is to leave them under torrential rain, even for a few seconds.

As you’re collecting moving supplies, think about whether you’ll need plastic wrap or other protective coverings.

Work With a Local Vancouver Mover!

Everyone’s helped someone move or moved themselves. But why not let someone else handle the move for you?

Top questions about working with a mover — answered!

If you work with a good local Vancouver mover, you’re eliminating a lot of the problems people often face with moving. They’ll be able to help you out with packing — including providing some of the things it doesn’t make sense for you to buy yourself, like wall protectors.

They can also give you tips on the best way to pack your things ahead of time to ensure a smooth move on the day.

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